Neapolitan cooking

Our kitchen is Mediterranean, aromatic and tasteful, faithful to traditional recipes, expressly made and with extreme attention to guaranteeing lightness and genuineness to the dishes. The products we use are national and carefully selected and delivered every day, varying according to the seasons and the market.

The pasta, the pillar of the Mediterranean diet, combined with the magnificent products that our land and seas offer, satisfies all palates thanks to the creativity and skill of our chefs.

Mint, capers, basil, oregano are all recurrent aromas amongst others; buffalo mozzarella D.O.P., tomatoes from Sorrento, pasta from Gragnano, fresh seafood, national meat and extra virgin olive oil are some of the products that we use.

Prickly lettuce pizza, fried anchovies, courgette flowers alla Sorrentina, fried pizza with fresh tomato sauce and basil, peppered mussels to tuna tartar, pasta alla genovese with octopus or with provola cheese and aubergine, spaghetti alla Nerano, linguine alla Marechiaro or the famous scarpariello.

Following, fried shrimp and squid, tuna-filet tagliata in a crust of pistachios, oven-baked codfish or a tasty Neapolitan grilled sausage accompanied by Neapolitan broccoli, meat filet, entrecotte tagliata and the unmistakable eggplant parmigiana, or zucchini alla scapece, or the delicate prickly lettuce with black olives from Gaeta with capers from Pantelleria.

And last, one has to try the desserts, where among the Neapolitan pastiera, Caprese cake, Babba’, you can find yourself amidst ancient Neapolitan pastry traditions.

A service of take away is always available for the majority of our dishes.