The story of Meid in Nepols

We thought of making Meid in Nepols so as to create a welcoming and simple place that was also of quality, modern but traditionalist, where one can appreciate the best typical national products in their tasteful simplicity, placing special emphasize on Southern products. All of this served with professionalism while also making people feel like they are at home.

The location

In a recently reevaluated area by the Romans and by the business clique that gravitates around the capital, it is comfortably located in a midst of buses, metro lines and trains. The restaurant mixes an interior New York style with the bricks that have been used for the construction of buildings of the 19th century.
A bright and welcoming ambience where great courtesy and the feeling of being at home come together with typical Southern hospitality. Capable of satisfying the palate of the most demanding client while also providing for the healthy athlete or those who wish to follow a more balanced diet with little fat.

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